Shahsavar (Tonekabon)   ! شهسوار (تنکابن)ش

شهسوار 1388 (2009)


شهسوار در مه! نوروز 1385 (2006)


شهسوار ،  1368 (1989)



ساختمان شهربانی شهسوار (Police station )


Shahsavar (Tonekabon) is located 250 kilometers from north of Tehran, between Ramsar and Chaloos. The township of Shahsavar (Tonekabon) exists along the Caspian Sea in the north and has common borders with the province of Qazvin from south. In its northern regions it has a moderate and humid climate and in the southern portions cold weather prevails. Shahsavar is 257 km far from Tehran. Shahsavar was originally a part of Gilan. Numerous evidences discovered in various parts of the region indicate that it was a flourishing city in the past. The ancient Tonekabon came under the realm of the Royan territory, also called Rostamdar. The Padusbanan held the power of this vicinity till the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid I. There after till the year 1209 AH. which was the beginning of the reign of Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar, this city was known as Feiz. After downfall of this dynasty, the city was called Shahsavar, and after the 1979 Revolution the name was reverted to its original historic one, Tonekabon, once more, but most of local people name it Sahsavar yet.

A famous variety of orange, Shahsavari orange, is grown in the city and is bears its former name. The other products of tonekabon are kiwi fruit, rice and tea. Shahsavar has a semi tropical climate. The temperature is mild all the year. It has a dense forest in Dohezar and Sehezar area. “Ghalegardan hill” and “Dohezar valley” are the most famous resorts of Shahsavar.

Foods: You can try for “Kabab torsh”(a very good spicy kebab) and “Mirza ghasemi”.Both are very delicious and better to eat with “rice”(polo in Persian). The fish is also a popular dish among Shahsavar’s people, too. Every year, especially in summer many people visit the city, and enjoy the sea, jungles and mountains. The region is like a piece of heaven in spring.






  منطقه دوهزار -  Dohezar area


  منطقه دوهزار -  Dohezar area



ساحل دریای خزر -
Caspian sea


ساختمان شهرداری شهسوار -  Municipality building


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